Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Check...annnnd CHECK

Registration, Passport Photos, Registration, Copies, Mail, Registration again. Its been a long week, and its only TUESDAY. Yesterday I finished up an interview with the Sac State Hornet newspaper for a sports feature due out within the next two weeks. This morning I met up with Brian Hickey from KCRA for an interview at Mikuni Elk Grove. We chatted about the upcoming season, the competitions going on worldwide, and exactly what its going to take for an athlete to make it to Vancouver 2010. My first eligible event would be a European Continental Cup race in December. Europe?!...I've never even been out of North America. The race takes place at Isola2000, France on the 18th and 19th. If I can gather enough financial backing within the next 2 weeks or so, I'm THERE. Enough points at the Euro-Cup means a start at the World Cup. Enough points by January 25th can mean a spot at the Olympic Games.

I've received some gigantic support from some great people these past few weeks, and I'm flattered to say the least. Yesterday I was even "pulled over" on my way home by a friend from here in Sacramento (Thank you again Maribeth!).
This week is already big for the Philippines Team, Jondre is on his way to Copper Mountain, CO for some much needed qualification points, and Eden is prepping for the FIS World Cup stop in Telluride, CO. JR from Italy is due to make his appearance soon, and so am I. The season will be in full swing within a month, I'm eager to get out there and represent!
Kenneth C.

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