Friday, December 11, 2009

The clock ticks...

Another long week, with a handful of good and bad news from everywhere. With the weather finally starting to go our way in Northern California, I was able to get some much needed time in up on the mountain.
Towards the end of November, it was clear that I wasn't going to be able to afford to travel to the FIS Pre-Lim qualifier in France. I had to suck it up, rethink my plans, and start building energy for the next qualifier. Just two days ago I received an email from the head of registration for that event. The event was CANCELLED due to "poor snowfall conditions", with a brief "sorry about that" listed at the end. This started to make me wonder just HOW the rest of the athletes are able to deal with these sudden and unforeseeable changes. If I had booked the $1500+ travel and accomodations package for that event and received that same email, I would have been completely devastated. I can only imagine how many athletes that already reserved their spot at this event must feel.

So for now, the clock ticks...
One less event to build the neccessary points to make it to World Cup, and the deadline is only getting closer.

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  1. wow, you are in good favors with the snowboard lords.