Friday, January 15, 2010

Shifting Gears...

Image Credit: Christopher Encina Designs, Elk Grove CA

I'll have this post cleaned up and in it's full version tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading down to Bakersfield to meet with Val Stepanchuk and one other rider for a road trip to Colorado. The Copper Mountain, Colorado event is an FIS North American Cup race. I'm still not feeling 100% healthy after my return from France, but I MUST take this opportunity. After a visit to Dr. Kwan's office yesterday, and a much needed conversation with my Dad and Grandma, things were put in the right perspective. It's about time I go out there and take whats mine!!! If I feel up to it when I arrive, I'll be racing for sure. If not, at least I'm there and I can take the opportunity if I have it. I DO NOT want to regret not attending simply because I've been sick these past few days. This is a golden opportunity for me and our team, and after having TWO events cancelled or rescheduled preventing me from racing, my time is overdue.

Here we go...

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